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Welcome to M.A.J.O.R. Podcast, Mo and J on real. FT G and Tim the officials

Where we have REAL discussions about REAL topics. This unique podcast covers a selection of randomly generated themes and issues by guest mediators and hosts.

Our referees and presenters utilize a fun approach with interactive tools exploring relevant content and themes. It’s time to get REAL. From politics, religion, sports, entertainment, health and wellness, science, and everything in between.


Don’t misread here we have random & interesting facts.

Every episode, Mo and Big J are presented with a selection of arbitrary topics or themes from our mediators. Hosts do not know what the subject will be but they will be required to have a genuine or REAL discussion and conversation on it. This discussion will be based on their own unique life experiences and insights. It will be entertaining, informative, but most importantly it will be REAL. The show is interactive and we encourage you, our audience, to be part of the discussion.

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Rules and Tools

Rules and Tools: know what the rules are and the topics to be discussed

Yellow Card

A yellow card is a caution or warning symbol. Similar to soccer or related sports. This usually will signify that the conversation needs to get back on track. The discussion has gone off course and our hosts will need to reel themselves back in.

Red Card

Will indicate a foul. This means a possible “Fact Check” or “Correction” may be required. Fact checks or correction warnings can be made by any participant in the show, but it will be the referees who moderate red card claims or notifications.


This indicates an exhausted topic or theme, which will be agreed upon by our hosts. A new subject will be then generated by our referees. Also known as a “Topic Change.”

The M.A.J.O.R. Podcast format is a little experimental and we will be constantly looking to improve our content and the delivery and presentation of that content.

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The M.A.J.O.R. Podcast format is a little experimental and we will be constantly looking to improve our content and the delivery and presentation of that content.

We are entertainers, first and foremost, so our priority is to entertain and inform you with fun, interactive, and exclusive material. “Pandemic editions” of M.A.J.O.R. Podcast means the show will be done all remotely for everyone’s safety.

Sit back, grab a beer, snacks, glass of your favorite wine, smoke a bowl, and enjoy the show.


Meet our team of specialists from

Hosts and Referee Bios
by Organic Movement Group LLC our content will make you say OMG! Because we are the movement

Mo Marcellus

CEO -Actor - Writer - Producer


– Real Nigga – Yesterday – Today – & Tomorrow


Writer, Director, & Producer National Political Advancer & Activist


CEO - Educator - Writer - Producer
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Mo and J on real.

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